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Jory is a freshman at USC who enjoys playing video games, bird watching and watching tennis and football. He lives in Columbia with his mom, sister, pet dog Pepper and his cockatiel, Federer — named after his favorite tennis player. Jory has autism, which causes problems for him in social situations and coping with new events or people. He also has cerebral palsy and a rare genetic metabolic disease, both causing muscle weakness and fatigue. He is interested in geography and hopes to study geographic information system at USC. Jory’s dog will assist him by calming and comforting him in social settings and providing support to redirect his anxiety around people. On days will when Jory’s muscles are especially weak and tired, his canine friend can help brace him when he stands. Jory is hoping that as he enters a new stage in his life, his “paal” will provide a foundation for increased independence.