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Mary has always been an extremely active, involved person. An educator for forty-two years, Mary suffered a life threatening DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) after a long plane flight. The resultant loss of her leg in 2011 would have been devastating to many, but Mary, through many setbacks and surgeries, has remained positive, upbeat, and determined to regain her active life. As with many amputees, one of her fears is falling, holding her back from the long walks she always enjoyed and from volunteering to work with children, her lifelong vocation as an educator. A service dog would give her back so much that she has lost: confidence to move about without fear, confidence to volunteer in schools, confidence in herself. Among the tasks that the mobility dog will assist with is to brace so that Mary will be able to pull herself up in the event of a fall. The dog will also provide assistance with laundry and shopping. Since Mary is limited in the time she can wear a prosthesis, the dog will be invaluable in pulling her in the manual wheelchair as well as pulling a wagon to bring in the groceries from the garage.