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Christy Rew

I am the owner and director of a private practice known as Hoofprint Meadows, LLC. Here on my farm in Blythewood, SC, I provide equine assisted activities and therapies. I work with adults and children with disabilities to treat communication and swallowing deficits. I serve Veterans and their families as an Equine Specialist team member by providing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Facilitated Learning using a ground-based model. I am passionate about horses and love to teach beginning or fearful riders horsemanship skills and when needed can provide adaptive riding instruction for those with disabilities. My specialty is using the movement of the horse to address communication and swallowing through a treatment strategy known as “hippotherapy.” I have seen improvements in attention, strength, endurance, mood, and motivation using the horses in my treatment sessions. I would like to expand my practice to include a facility dog to provide my patients and clients with even more enrichment!

A dog in my facility could comfort sad and hurting individuals, empower patients, boost self-confidence, improve communication skills, and be good listener and friend. Many of my clients have physical, cognitive, and communicative disabilities which affect their ability to control their own environment. A dog trained to obey both verbal and hand commands would be very empowering to someone who has little control over their own environment because of their disabilities. Vocabulary and communication enrichment are a natural consequence of animal assisted therapies while providing purposeful activity such as playing fetch or using hand signals, makes leaned skills much more functional in everyday life.

I think the activities and experiences a facility dog could offer Hoofprint Meadows Therapy clients would be invaluable to increasing their learning, rehabilitation, and quality of life. If you wish to find out more about my program please visit my website:

Christy J. Rew, CCC-SLP, HPCS
Owner/Director of Hoofprint Meadows, LLC

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