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As a veteran, Danny’s tuition will be paid by Rob’s Best Friend Fund which helps PAALS provide service dogs to veterans at no charge.. You can support Danny by donating to Rob’s Best Friend Fund.

RBFFDonate to Rob’s Best Friend Fund

My name is Danny. I served my country for 2 years in the Marines during Vietnam and for 20 years in the Army in which I retired in 1996. I have PTSD and Panic and Agoraphobia. It wasn’t until I remarried in 2003 that my wife made me realize I had a problem. I sought help at the VA and continue receiving help today. They suggested a service dog could be of great benefit to me and suggested PAALS. I’m thrilled to say I was just informed that I have been accepted as a PAALS client. I am looking forward to the next step in the process.

I don’t get out of the house much but, I enjoy collecting cards, reading and watching movies. A service dog will help me regain my confidence and independence. Also, to help with my panic attacks, agoraphobia and PTSD. My goals are to be able to get back to church, be able to sleep without nightmares and to get out and become more social. I want to feel safe in my home and outside of my home. A service dog will be my 24 hour companion.