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My name is Don Walker. On a daily basis I struggle with pseudo-seizures (non-epileptic seizures), that derive from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). These pseudo-seizure events are a result of traumatic childhood events. These events were buried down deep in my psyche until I was diagnosed with pseudo-seizures. I hit a point in my life where my head was “overflowing” with stress and trauma that everything came tumbling out like water through a broken dam.

Despite this I attempt to live a normal life as much as possible (being a husband, going to college, seeing friends, etc.). The frequency of the pseudo-seizures severely affects my day-to-day life. I typically have multiple occurrences a week, sometimes multiple a day. The pseudo-seizures place many constrictions on my life such as for driving, working, physical fitness etc.

A service dog will be beneficial during a pseudo-seizure and in the moments after a seizure as I recover. It will also be beneficial to help me wake up as sometimes I struggle with being trapped in nightmares resulting from the trauma I experienced, unable to wake up. Before my pseudo-seizure diagnosis, I was a full-time student, worked full time at a job and was helping plant a church. My end goal is to get back to these activities and more. A service dog will assist me in reaching this goal by being a crutch through what is necessary to get back to this state of being.

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