Donate as a Tribute

When you open your heart and make a donation as a tribute “In Memory” or “In Honor” of a loved one, you will be changing more than just one life . . . you will be changing thousands. Making a donation can be a way to celebrate the lives of your loved ones while making a lasting contribution to the lives of our precious animals.

To make a donation as a tribute, please complete the form below and check the “Make my donation a tribute” box. When you check this box you will see additional spaces where you can fill the name of the person for whom you are making a tribute, an address to send an acknowledgement and and acknowledgement message. PAALS does not disclose the amount of the donation in any acknowledgment sent to the tributee.

You may also donate by mailing a check to PAALS, 221 N. Grampian Hills Rd., Columbia, SC 29223. Please note it may take up to three weeks to receive a postal letter acknowledging your donation and providing your receipt for tax purposes. Online donations are acknowledged and sent a receipt immediately via email.

Unless requested otherwise, your tribute with your name and acknowledgement will be listed on our Wall of Honor and Remembrance.