Donate to Rob’s Best Friend Fund

Client in Waiting Peter Biviano is running in the Columbia Run Hard Marathon on March 3, 2018 in downtown Columbia. He has set a lofty goal for himself and says “it should be fun!”. As part of his run, Peter would like to raise $1,000 for Rob’s Best Friend Fund. As a future recipient of this scholarship he feels the need to pay it forward. If you would like to support Peter’s running efforts, please check the box “I’m Supporting Peter’s Marathon Run” in the form below. You can also enter the name of someone you would like Peter to honor with his running efforts. The bar graph below shows how close Peter is to achieving his goal.

PAALS is committed to helping our veterans and first responders. We believe these people have given much for their country and it is now up to us to give back to them when they are in need.

For this reason, PAALS established Rob’s Best Friend Fund (RBFF) named in memory of PAALS’ founders’ brother and his commitment to police work and passion for dogs. RBFF helps PAALS to provide Service dogs and Veterans Important PAALS dogs to veterans and other first responders at no charge to the individual.

To donate to Rob’s Best Friend Fund, please complete the form below.

You may also donate to Rob’s Best Friend Fund by mailing a check to PAALS, 221 N. Grampian Hills Rd., Columbia, SC 29223. Please note it may take up to three weeks to receive a postal letter acknowledging your donation and providing your receipt for tax purposes. Online donations are acknowledged and sent a receipt immediately via email.