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Clients are given the option to fundraise to cover their tuition fee for team training (the 2 1/2-week class they take to learn how to work with their assistance dog before taking the dog home). The cost is $5,000, which is only a small part of the $25,000-$30,000 that it takes to raise, train and place each assistance dog. You can help by donating all or a portion of the tuition by clicking on the Read More and Donate button beside your selected client.

Nathan Selking

Nathan Selking

My name is Nathan. I entered the US Army straight out of high school in 2010. While deployed to Afghanistan in 2011, the vehicle I was driving hit a 400 lb. improvised explosive device (IED). As a result, I sustained a mild traumatic brain injury, broke my back requiring a two level spinal fusion, have nerve damage in my arms, legs, and feet, and suffer from PTSD. I was medically retired from the Army in 2013.

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Nathan Selking

Stephen Zwickert

My name is Steve. I am retired from a long career in the corporate world and live in the Charleston area with my wife. We have two adult children. I have degenerative disk disease, arthritis, sciatica, and neuropathy. I am unable to grasp things with my right hand, have poor balance, and fall frequently. I try to remain active and spend time with family and friends, at our church, and spend a lot of time in daily prayer. However, because of my frequent falls and pain, my normal daily activities are becoming progressively more limited.

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Nathan Selking

Peter Biviano

My name is Pete. I am fireman and husband to a loving wife. During the past twelve years I have gone places and done some pretty cool things as a fireman. However, over the years it started to take its toll and I began to suffer from the effects of PTSD. I am a very athletic person who loves to ride my bicycles, run, cook/try new food, and watching sports. I am limited in life due to my hyper-vigilance, nightmares, and anxiety.

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Nathan Selking

Danny Hill
My name is Danny. I served my country for 2 years in the Marines during Vietnam and for 20 years in the Army in which I retired in 1996. I have PTSD and Panic and Agoraphobia. It wasn’t until I remarried in 2003 that my wife made me realize I had a problem. I sought help at the VA and continue receiving help today. They suggested a service dog could be of great benefit to me and suggested PAALS. I’m thrilled to say I was just informed that I have been accepted as a PAALS client. I am looking forward to the next step in the process.

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Nathan Selking

Sherry Blevins

I am a special education teacher with a Master’s plus 30 from the University of South Carolina. I am currently working on my 14th year as a special education teacher in a highly specialized classroom in Richland District 2 at Lonnie B. Nelson Elementary School. Prior to becoming a special education teacher, I worked in a special education classroom for 3 years as a teaching assistant. Making a difference is my passion. My classroom serves a wide variety of areas of disability related concerns. Students typically spend 1 – 6 years in my classroom.

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Nathan Selking

Alica Reynolds

My name is Alicia, and I am a college educated mom of three and wife of one! I have Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome as well as a spontaneous CSF leak. These two conditions have gotten progressively worse over the last 4 years, and I am now pretty much confined to a wheelchair when I leave the house. It is very hard for me to bend or move without dislocating at least one of my joints.

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WIllie Turner

Willie Turner
My name is Willie and I’m a military veteran who suffers from an invisible condition known as PTSD. My wife and I live in Hopkins, SC with our two children. I served my country for 20 years and retired in 2005. I have struggled with my condition for years and one day my counselor at the local VA Hospital mentioned the idea of contacting PAALS for a service dog.

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Nathan Selking

Marka Rodgers

HI! My name is Marka Danielle Rodgers. I am an incomplete quadriplegic from a cervical spinal cord injury (C3-7) in June of 2012. Initially I could not move from the shoulders down but with much help from my lifelong training as a Ballet and Musical Theater dancer and the encouragement of my amazing rehab team, I am now able to live a more independent life, pushing my own wheelchair and also using some very specialized mechanical leg braces which I use for exercise and around my home.

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