Elizabeth, PAALS Volunteer

I have been a volunteer with PAALS since 2009. I absolutely love being a part of this organization. I started out helping with events in the community and then pup sitting on an occasional weekend. I wasn’t sure I wanted to make a commitment to keep a dog every weekend. But I quickly fell in love with the program and the people and most of all the dogs.

I have been a weekend foster for a several years and wish I had done it sooner. I work full time and don’t want to have to leave a dog at home, alone most of the day. I get my ‘dog fix’ by fostering a dog in training on weekends. I don’t have to worry about the dog during the week and there are no vet bills! I learn about dog behavior, training and caring for a dog. I also get the best part of helping raise a dog that will go on to help someone with a special need.

The PAALS trained dogs go on to make positive and life changing differences in the lives of these people. Yes, you get attached to the dogs and when they go on to be placed with a client it is a little sad. But when you see what they are doing for that person it makes it all worthwhile. Also, there will always be a new pup waiting to get to know you!

The PAALS volunteers and staff have a great time together. We go on outings with the dogs and we are involved in the community. I have made new friends and gotten to love and play with some awesome puppies.