Our Facility

A Place of Our Own where Training and Education Take Place

The Facility Story

From our beginning in 2007 PAALS was based out of the home of our Executive Director.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were finally able to acquire an old day care center in May of 2015. Craftsman, volunteers and staff spent countless hours converting this building into a training and kenneling facility for PAALS.

Finally, in August 2015 we made the big move. Over a weekend with the help of numerous volunteers, PAALS moved out of the Executive Directors home — furniture, training equipment, storage units and dogs — and into our newly refurbished training facility. The next weekend, we held our first Foster PAALS training class in our new home.

Then disaster struck. When staff arrived Monday morning, they found the building had suffered a black water flood. Raw sewage was everywhere. So everything that was just moved in (that was salvageable) had to be moved back out again.

After four months of remediation, cleaning and rebuilding by craftsmen, staff and volunteers, we were able to move back into the facility in December 2015.  We had a Grand Opening celebration for staff, donors, volunteers and clients in April 2016.

Facility tours are available by appointment. Please complete the “Request a Facility Tour” form under the CONTACT menu.

In keeping with the theme of a training center, all of the facility’s rooms and outside areas are named after areas at a school.

Each of these areas is available to be named by a sponsor. Click the link if you are interested in becoming a 
facility room sponsor

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