Future Expansion Plans

A Facility Built Specially for Service Dog Training

PAALS Future

At our beginning in 2007 PAALS was based out of the home of our Executive Director. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we were finally able to acquire an old day care center in May of 2015. Craftsman, volunteers and staff spent countless hours converting this building into a training and kenneling facility for PAALS. This location, while a major upgrade from using the Director’s home, is not the end of the journey.

PAALS has access to a large plot of land in NE Columbia where we hope to someday build a purpose built facility for training service dogs.

As envisioned, the permanent PAALS facility would consist of three separate, single story buildings: a Main Office Building, a Training/Programs/Whelping Building, and an Animal Husbandry Building. Our plans are to build this facility in three phases.

The Animal Husbandry building would be constructed first to alleviate the most immediate and pressing need for shelter, feeding, and maintenance space for more service-dogs-in-training. The Training/Programs/Whelping building would follow, providing an on-site facility for those needs. The Main Office would be built last to finally unite the majority of PAALS’ operations onto this one location.

If you would like to help PAALS realize our future dream, please click the Donate Now button to make a simple donation. IF you are interested in becoming a major sponsor of all or a portion of this future vision, please contact our Executive Director, Jen Rogers, by email jrogers@paals.org or phone (803) 820-0741

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