Take a Walk with a PAALS Service Dog

Take a walk with a PAALS service dog.
Thousands do, and you can join them!

As a PAALS supporter, you’ve helped make PAALS one of South Carolina’s most creative, uplifting and effective charities. Please continue to walk beside dozens of PAALS dogs on their lifelong journey to enlighten, comfort and serve thousands of people. Dogs like Morgan and Madsen.
Read Morgan’s and Madsen’s Story

Throughout their amazing journey, PAALS pups depend on folks like you to accompany them. Walk with them and make their journey your own by donating whatever you can. Your end-of-year gift will help support Madsen, Morgan and the other PAALS assistance dogs and their work throughout 2019

Your donation is tax deductible and you can trust that it will be put to wise use. In fact, out of 10,000 non-profit organizations in South Carolina, PAALS was chosen as a top ten Angel Charity for 2018 by the S.C. Secretary of State. The honor recognizes responsible and ethical use of donations.