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As a veteran, Jennifer’s tuition will be paid by Rob’s Best Friend Fund which helps PAALS provide service dogs to veterans at no charge.. You can support Jennifer by donating to Rob’s Best Friend Fund.

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My name is Jennifer. I am an Iraqi War Veteran and served ten years in the US Army. I returned from Iraq and had my son, who is now 13. I got called to go to Afghanistan when my son was eight weeks old; it was then I chose to not reenlist and be with my son. Upon my return from Iraq, a close friend in my unit committed suicide. After he committed suicide, I had survivor’s guilt, hyper-vigilance, intrusive thoughts, and many physical injuries to cope with. It took me a few years to process and cope with the events of my deployment and the aftermath of my deployment.

I am the owner and Clinical Director of Counseling Plus LLC. Counseling Plus is a private practice in Lexington, SC serving the military, first responders, and other professions who are exposed to critical incident or critical care. I specialize in treating veterans and their families with the after effects or invisible wounds that accompany exposure to war, separation, and re-assimilation. Counseling Plus has been open for 6 years.

I am a Trauma Focused Cognitive behavioral therapist using narrative therapy, exposure therapy, and desensitization to the overactive limbic system that many who have been traumatized suffer from. My population has extended to women and children that have been exposed to intimate partner violence, neglect, or physical or emotional abuse. As a veteran, with a diagnosis of mild traumatic brain injury and Post traumatic stress disorder, I know the process is difficult, but possible. I have been working to provide hope to those who have a battle in front of them because they survived the battle behind them. A facility dog would be an amazing addition to my practice. My clients are asked to process their worst fears and memories. Presence can be everything to those who suffer from PTSD, traumatic injury, depression, and anxiety. There are many environmental factors that my clientele does not have control over, including trigger responses.

A facility dog that can use cued behaviors to help mitigate my patients’ disabilities and can be a presence in the practice will help me to continue in my journey to serve my country and my fellow veterans, first responders, and their families. I feel a therapeutic dog will be an invaluable asset to my clients aiding in their comfort, growth, confidence, and re-assimilation into their lives as they recover from their traumatic experiences.

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