Midlands Gives

Save the date for Midlands Gives 2019

Midlands Gives Day is Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Each May, the Central Carolina Community Foundation sponsors Midlands Gives Day. The goal for this day is to raise as much money for Midlands nonprofits as possible in an 18 hour period from 6:00:01AM to 11:59:59PM. PAALS has participated in each Midlands Gives Day since the event was started. And we are participating again in 2019.

Midlands Gives is a totally online event. The hours for giving have changed in 2019, Giving starts at 6:00AM rather than one second past midnight as in the past.

PAALS once again has the opportunity to win prizes in addition to the donations we receive. We have decided to try and win the $2,500 prize for the most unique donors between 7:00AM and 7:59:59AM. Please note that this is unique donors, not total donations. So if you donate twice with the same email address and credit card, your two donations will only count as one unique donor. If you can possibly donate during this time, we would very much appreciate your assistance!

Midlands Gives is also allowing individuals to become Champions for their selected nonprofit. A champion creates their own page (very easy) on Midlands Gives site and then encourages their friends and family through social media to support their selected charity by donating on their Champion page. You can become a PAALS Champion by creating your unique page by going to PAALS Midlands Gives page using the button on the left and clicking on the “Create a Champion Page” button.

If you are not able to donate on May 7th, you can go ahead and make a scheduled donation any time prior to May 7th. You can schedule a donation using the button on the left and clicking on the “Donate Now ” button.

You can learn more about Midlands Gives on the Midlands Gives website.

Our thanks to everyone who has supported us on this special day of giving in the past and we hope you will support us again in 2019.

Midlands Gives 2019 begins in

Thank you so much for your generous donation to PAALS through Midlands Gives.

We were amazed, thrilled and grateful when you helped us meet our initial $30,000 goal before 8 a.m. You can imagine how we felt when the fundraising event ended and donations to PAALS along with prize money from Midlands Gives totaled $44,146.

Your overwhelming generosity has made it possible for us to remove a dangerous dead tree on our property and build a much-needed wheelchair-accessible outdoor classroom ($30,000). You’ve also made it possible for us to repair potholes in our parking lot to make it safer for everyone, especially people who use wheelchairs ($10,000). The remaining $5,000 will help us establish a breeding program to make our program more sustainable. In other words, you’ve made it possible for us to obtain moms of future PAALS pups who, in turn, will help people live more independent lives.

We hope that whenever you see a PAALS pup doing good in the world, you’ll know that you helped make that wonder possible.

Thank you again, and all the best.

The Staff and Board of Palmetto Animal Assisted Life Services