Apply for a PTSD Dog

A Service Dog for PTSD can help lessen the trauma associated with triggering events and going in public.

An assistance dog for a person with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is taught behaviors that help people with PTSD to better cope with fear and anxiety. These dogs can provide a physical barrier between their partner and the public, provide stress reducing pressure on trained body points and provide a social bridge as a point of conversation. These dogs have full public access rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

When you contribute today, you change the life of a veteran like First Sergeant Will Roberts, who has PTSD and TBI.

Will rarely left his home before RC came into his life. Will suffers from PTSD and TBI. He was incapable of doing the everyday tasks most of us take for granted like grocery shopping, or even just going to the mail box.

With RC at his side, Will is renewed.  She offers him love and comfort and companionship.  She protects him, and he protects her.  Their friendship is remarkable – transforming Will into the man he is now.  He is living again – recently making a visit to the Vietnam Memorial replica in Columbia, SC – a visit to a public place he couldn’t even dream about doing before RC.

Will says ” I have awesome days, good days, mostly not so good days. RC keeps me mentally alert, physically strong and morally alert. RC’s my umbilical cord, my extension cord, and my life support system. I’m a better man having RC in my life. I love RC.”

Before submitting an application, please review the Service Dog Client Eligibility Requirements and the Service Dog Application Process pages.

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