Puppy Name Sponsor

Ceva, Chief, Sarge, Kismet, Dapper, Abbe, Calli, Cole, George, Lily — these are just a few of the special names of pups in our organization that have come about thanks to caring people who want to play the important role of naming a puppy for PAALS.

Our puppies’ names become very important as they learn to respond to the special cues during training to become assistance dogs. Your named puppy will go on to help one of our clients.

PAALS clients always enjoy hearing about the special meanings behind their pups’ names and your generous donation will be remembered each time a client introduces their dog!

In addition to the gratification that comes from knowing that you have honored or memorialized a beloved pet or family member, you will be updated as your pup grows from a pup to a PAALS service dog and is placed with a loving teammate. You will initially receive a Puppy Name Sponsor certificate and as your puppy progresses through our training program, we will send you occasional updates and pictures.

To name a PAALS puppy please complete the form below.

You may also name a puppy by mailing a check to PAALS, 221 N. Grampian Hills Rd., Columbia, SC 29223. Please note it may take up to three weeks to receive a postal letter acknowledging your donation and providing your receipt for tax purposes. Online donations are acknowledged and sent a receipt immediately via email.

Puppy Name Sponsorships are $1,500.