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My name is Samantha, I am a 20 year old college student and I suffer from Lupus. Lupus is a systemic autoimmune disease that occurs when your body’s immune system attacks your own tissues and organs. Inflammation caused by lupus can affect many different body systems — including your joints, muscles, skin, kidneys, blood cells, brain, heart and lungs. For me, my lupus developed into Lupus Nephritis which is the inflammation of the kidneys, which can cause them to leak protein and eventually lead to kidney failure. Currently I am in the 4th stage of kidney failure which means more than 80% of my kidney function is gone.

Due to my Lupus, I suffer from chronic pain, joint pain, extreme fatigue, severe muscle weakness, and occasional limited mobility. During times when my Lupus is active, I struggle with doing day to day activities. At one time, my muscles and joints were so weak I struggled to lift my bed sheets off my body. During this time, I struggled through a semester by going to a Chiropractor in the morning in order for my upper half to be able to move (hands, shoulders, neck, & back) so my mother could drive me to class because my hands did not have enough strength to grip the steering wheel. This causes me to suffer physically and emotionally. During times like these it is often hard for me to walk to class which sometimes causes me to need the use of my family’s manual wheelchair. Other times I might not have enough energy or stamina to make it up the stairs to class or participate in class and other physical activities.

My goal is to become more independent, so I do not always have to ask my parents for help when I am struggling. Having a PAALS Service Mobility Dog would help me be able to balance when my muscles and joints are weakened, pull my wheelchair (when needed), open doors, fetch dropped items, help me up when I can’t get up on my own, help me walk safely when I am struggling, and call for help when all else fails.

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