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My name is Steve. I am retired from a long career in the corporate world and live in the Charleston area with my wife. We have two adult children. I have degenerative disk disease, arthritis, sciatica, and neuropathy. I am unable to grasp things with my right hand, have poor balance, and fall frequently. I try to remain active and spend time with family and friends, at our church, and spend a lot of time in daily prayer. However, because of my frequent falls and pain, my normal daily activities are becoming progressively more limited.

A service dog will support my activities, pick up dropped items such as my cane and keys, carry items in a backpack, get help or activate my medical alarm if I am unable to do so, and provide companionship which will reduce my anxiety. With the help of my service dog, I hope to become more independent which will also reduce the stress on my wife when she travels on business knowing that I have a companion who will be there round-the-clock looking out for me.

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